Personalized Charms Hand-stamped custom jewelry by Rebecca   



Your Personalized Charm jewelry is made with pure sterling silver, copper, or brass.  These metals naturally tarnish (oxidize) when they are in contact with oxygen or may also react to the natural oils in your skin.  All metals can be restored to their original state with a little TLC.  It will help to keep your Personalized Charm jewelry in an air tight bag (ziploc) when not in use.  Additionally, you should not wear your jewelry when showering, as soaps, shampoos and resting water will also effect the jewelry.  Finally, copper, and especially brass, will tarnish at a faster rate.  Once clean, you could apply a thin layer of a spray on lacquer or clear nail polish to keep the jewelry from tarnishing quickly.  I do treat brass jewelry with a lacquer.  Over time, it will rub off and may need to be retreated.

To restore sterling silver:  Use a little toothpaste and water to create a thick foam.  Use a  soft cloth to rub the oxidation off of the sterling silver.  Rinse with water and dry thoroughly.

To restore copper:  Use 2 parts water and 1 part lemon juice.  Soak your copper jewelry in the mixture until desired shine is achieved.  Dry thoroughly.  

To restore brass:  Take a soft cloth and soak part of it in vinegar, dab on salt and use to clean away tarnish.  You can also use Tarn-x or any other tarnish remover.  It is advised to treat brass as mentioned above once cleaned.

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